Starting Point to Success

Most people think success is about education, money, family connections etc. It certainly is if you have one or more of the three.

But here’s the story to think about:

Two former classmates from the same neighborhood. Same education, no money. Pretty much the same job. Then one started a business. He did everything himself until one day he invited his friend to work for him. It was hard work, but economy in the country was in terrible condition and the job paid well. Guy agreed. Nearly twenty years passed. The second guy, now a 40+ man still works for the first guy. That second guy has an average salary for the city they live in while the first guy has a semi-passive income from the same business, which is larger by at least one zero on the right.

The story is true, those two guys work in the same business as me and I see them every day.

Now you may think there’s something I probably just overlooked. Yes, I’ve read Gladwell’s “Outliers” too, I agree there are many hidden factors in most success stories but I’ve seen enough of such stories myself to make independent conclusions.

Let’s listen to what the second guy says about himself: “I’m just not like him (the first guy). I can’t run business, handle the stress. Whenever I could, I always picked a simple job, which felt comfortable.”

See the difference? Is it outside? No, it’s INSIDE! Iside one’s head or wherever the “self” is located.

I’ve seen enough proofs to this thesis to never argue about it anymore. What’s the most amazing is that almost anyone can dramatically change his/her life by changing the way he/she thinks and feels about the reality.

Did I just hear “working hard” in heads of some people reading this post? Yes, sometimes you have to work hard. But the first guy in our story worked hard only in the beginning and the achievement is financial freedom, while the second guy works hard all these years. The “achievement” is a mediocre salary and a guaranteed income decline when he retires.

Here’s the truth: lower paid people who work for others work hard. They are not lazy and their bosses are not workaholics. Far from that! Hope you didn’t think I’m a Marxist, because I’m in the “bosses” camp myself.

But what’s the difference again if bosses sometimes work less while making much more money and having more freedom to enjoy it?

BELIEFS and FEELINGS are the difference. They are the cause why one works hard all life, lives and dies poor, while another works smart, lives high and dies rich unless he decides to give away all his wealth to charity.

Obviously, you need practical skills to turn your beliefs into reality. In the near future we’ll talk about that, but for now think about the story and try to guess, which beliefs and feelings make a difference between guys one and two. You are welcome to post your versions in comments to this post here or on our Facebook page.

Have a good week!