How to Succeed from Scratch

Let me guess: you were not born rich. You are not a math genius. You’re not a world class athlete. You know that you’re not the kind of person Wall Street or Silicon Valley employers hire. But you want to be well off. As well off as those people who work at Wall St. or Silicon Valley. People keep telling you it’s impossible, but you still believe it is. Good news for you: it really IS!

When I wrote in “About” that I didn’t have a capital to start with that was an understatement. I was born in a family of teachers in a country, which was about to collapse and when it eventually did, teachers were among the poorest people. Gangsters and merchants were well off. I wasn’t tough enough to become a gangster and didn’t have a capital or skills to become a merchant. Neither did I have skills in coding or math, which would make me valuable enough in hi-tech industry. It felt like I’m doomed to be poor.

My parents told me to become a teacher too while I kept thinking how to break that circle and praying for it to happen. No idea if it was my prayers or my thinking, soon I realized the only way to make money for me was selling something. But I didn’t have money! However, as you probably guessed, I found a way out. In this blog I explain how it happened, how you can do the same and what exactly should be done to achieve what everyone believed you would never achieve.

Stay tuned…